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In October of 1984 Yamaha revealed what over 20 years later has become perhaps the most legendary motorcycle ever built. Today that motorcycle has what some would consider a worldwide, cult like following. On that day in October of 1984 the Yamaha Vmax was born. It was to be sold first in the United States as a 1985 model.

I doubt that when the Vmax designers, (Mr. Araki; Project Manager, Mr. Ashihara; engine designer, Mr. Kurachi; body designer and Mr. Ed Burke; Senior Product Planner for Yamaha     U. S. who supported the team with research and concept work) saw their final product they could have ever imagined that it would last over two decades. That may or may not be true, but the fact is, it has.

As it stands today, July of 2006, Yamaha has most recently teased us Vmax fans with a new Vmax concept bike, an online survey asking what we’d like to see in a new version Vmax and reportedly, some “at home interviews” of current Vmax owners to enhance their market research.

The 20th anniversary Vmax came and went, I believe with much disappointment. Yamaha mildly recognize the milestone by adding a flamed paint scheme and a numbered anniversary badge to the tank of the 2005, short of that it was just another model year. At this point I think most of us Vmax fans would like to see a more modern version of the bike we love. Not necessarily different looking, but definitely a 21st century motorcycle with all of the 21st century technology that it can handle.

That being said, as a lover of the Vmax, you can’t take anything away from the original plan and the few modest changes to the original that have taken place over the years. The following is a compilation of some of the changes that we’ve seen take place over the years.

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