The SPA tachometer/speedometer can be purchased from SPA Technique.  There web address is:

The product comes from the UK, and can be purchased from Indianapolis.  Patrick at SPA was very helpful with product application.  Technical assistance, however,  is slow but rarely needed.


I purchased the SPA for the main purpose of moving the tach to a position that can be seen when deep in Vboost territory.  Bonuses include a three stage shift light, maximum speed recall, maximum RPM recall, standing 1/4 mile timer, xxx to xxx acceleration timer, odometer, trip meter, speedometer, selectable  units and fits into the stock housing with some modifications.

There are a few disadvantages which consist of possible water damage if douched, tach arm obstructs the view of the digital speed indication when in the 2K-5K range, and while it has many features, the software is somewhat cumbersome for quick recording.  

One other points to consider is if it is used to replace a stock speedo, the title will forever say "not actual mileage".

The SPA comes with one push button switch that is used to access all of its functions.  A place was needed to mount the switch, so a bracket was fabricated from a piece of stainless steel. 
In order to access the SPAs functions, you must hold the supplied switch closed while applying power to the unit.  This made it extremely inconvenient to turn the bike off and back on to start recording a new 1/4 mile time, or acceleration time.  
A normally closed 3 amp push button switch was added to pass the power to SPA.  Hold both buttons down and release the red one.  Within a few seconds you are in setup/record mode while the bike is still running.

Here are a few pictures of the installation.

This picture on the left shows the bezel that has had the crimped lip ground down.  If  you look at the pictures above it is barely noticeable.  This picture shows the detail of what the ground bezel ends up looking like.

Here's how the Hall effect sensor was mounted.  An "L" bracket with a metric lock nut to hold in on the OEM speedometer drive.  The magnet was attached using epoxy.


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