Throughout the years there have been at least three different versions of carburetor stacks for the U. S. models alone. California models also come equipped with an EPA required fuel vapor canister system for emissions control.


Another change of note is in the transmission. Itís been reported that there have been as many as six changes to the transmission gears, bearings and shafts from 1988-1999. Not to mention the corrections made to repair the infamous second gear problems in the í85 and í86 models.

Lastly, we canít forget all of the years that the wheels, valve covers, engine inserts, lower fork legs and exhaust have changed colors.

Some of the differences, which I donít go into detail here, are based on the county that the motorcycle was sold in and their regulations. I.e.; Canadian models had adjustable carburetor slide needles before the U.S. model. The early European models got the Vmax with no VBoost and there have been some camshaft differences in the Euro models. Itís also been reported that the Euro version ďred linesĒ at 8,500 RPMís. The Japanese version got the worst end of the deal, itís said that they were delivered with restricted mufflers, limited diaphragms, a maximum speed limiter and NO VBoost!

This is a compilation of changes that Iíve made and kept for myself and others that might be interested and it merely highlights the most note worthy and obvious changes. There may be other changes that have taken place that are not mentioned here over the twenty plus year run of this fantastic motorcycle. I hope you find it useful.

Tim Hagan

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