Installing the Metzeler ME880 on a Vmax
The time had come for a new rear tire.  The Dunlop that had came with my bike picked up a nail and its life expectancy was reduced to only 2000 miles.
After watching the Vmax lists and other owner recommendations, I decided on the Metzeler ME880 170/80-15.  This tire has a wider and slightly taller profile than the original specifications.  I was a bit leery at first, but after mounting the tire, seeing it and driving on it, I'm extremely satisfied with my decision.

Here's a look at the results

Mounting a tire that wide required a modification commonly referred to as the "washer swap".

This modification moves a washer normally located between the brake arm and the frame on the pinch bolt side.  This allows extra clearance required for this size of tire.

Under construction


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Last updated July 06, 2013

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