Removing the seat on a Vmax

There was a request for seat removal instructions.  Here we go.  Removing the seat is necessary for battery charging or replacement, as well as fixing "the splice".
Tools required:
10mm ratchet and/or #2 phillips screwdriver
  Keep in mind.... If you have to force it, you're doing it wrong.

First open the middle of the section normally.  As you would for fueling.  Slide the indicated levers on both sides of the bike toward the front.

Advance the center section guide over it's top point and forward, shown by the red arrow.  You'll have to lift up, push forward, and then down/forward on both sides simultaneously to gain easy access.

Remove the seat fasteners on both sides of the seat.  These are indicated in green.  Of the bikes I've seen, some are 10mm, others are Phillips.  There should be four bolts (two for each side).

Installation is the reverse of above.  Only note on installation is slip the front end in first, then fit the rear in.  Make sure the tab on the seat front is secured under the frame.

Never ride without your seat securely fastened.


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