These are modifications or procedures I've done to my Yamaha Vmax motorcycle.

If you feel uncomfortable in performing any of the published procedures, consult a trained Yamaha technician.

If you to perform any of the published procedures, you do so at your own risk.

Seat Removal Everybody starts somewhere
The Splice Fix the factory crimp splice for better charging
The Shotgun Clean those carburetors for crisp throttle response
Canadian Vmax Carbs Robert Walsh provides an exploded view of his Canadian Vmax carburetors
Metzeler ME880 Fitting a fat 170/80-15 on your Vmax rear
The Wobble The key to proper front end stability by Eric Harnish

Into The Clutch

Some info on rebuilding your clutch or doing the Double "D"

Jet Sizes

Mikuni/Dynojet size comparison chart

SPA Tachometer

Some pictures and commentary on the SPA Technique Tachometer


Thinking about T-Boost?  If you want power, here's the answer.

Vmax History

History of the Yamaha Vmax by Tim Hagan

What Octane

My opinion on what octane to use in your Vmax

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