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Here are links I've found while surfing for info on my own Max.  I've put them in my favorites for one reason or another.  I've tried to organize them by bike section, but there is definitely overlap.

If you want/need a link removed, corrected email me. 

I do not own the sites linked to here.  Their content is under their respective owner's discretion!

Other VMax / Bike Owner's Pages
Bruce's V-Max Page Bruce Trimble's Vmax Page
Cees Cornwall Vmax Pages  
Brilliandt Web Site The Brilliandt Family Web Site - Home of MaxZilla
VmxMario The home page of Mario Aguiar
John`s V-Max Page The home of Bad-Max Andre's Web Page - Great for Vmax magazine write-ups.
Index of -avigdor  
Mike Sayers' Vmax FAQ  
Deon's Home Page  
Mike Perreira's Home Page  
Ricardo's Homepage FZX750 and VMAX 1200 page
Scott's Vmax Page Scott Mellor's Max.  Nice Max!
Mike's V-Max Home Page  
Deon's '98 Yellow Max  
Sean's Vmax Page  
The DustMax - 1997 Yamaha Vmax  
Home of the BlackMax  
Wade`s Vmax Page  
Yamaha Vmax Tips and Info by Terry
Foxysweb Where Motorcycles are a way of life!
John's sv650 pages Some info on needle shimming, carb tuning, rejetting
Vmax! Can't understand a word, but has pics.  
Untitled Document Interesting Max
Bo's 1986 Vmax  
Mad Mac  
NITROMAX'S PAGES Home of the nitrous injected VMax,the Big Zed and the Big Cat!
meine Harley-Vmax-page  


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