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Here are links I've found while surfing for info on my own Max.  I've put them in my favorites for one reason or another.  I've tried to organize them by bike section, but there is definitely overlap.

If you want/need a link removed, corrected email me. 

I do not own the sites linked to here.  Their content is under their respective owner's discretion!

Body, Chrome, Polishing
Baron Custom Accessories World Leaders in Star Line Parts and Accessories
Brown's Plating Service Chrome Plating
Fat Max Custom Goodies for Vmax Motorcycles
Chromemasters Show quality custom chrome
Gardner-Westcott Company Packaged fastener kits and bulk fasteneres
Custom World Custom accessories (not Max)
Arlen Ness Online! Quality motorcycle parts from California Craftsmen
Kuryakyn Home Page Motorcycle Accessories
Casewell Plating Electroplating, Plating, Polishing and Buffing Chrome and Nickel
Bright Works, Inc.  Supplier of metal polishing and buffing equipment and supplies, How to Book and Video on custom metal polish
VMaxPolish How to polish your Vmax scoops. Motorcycle Parts, Accessories and Apparel
Race Bolts Home Page Shiny Fasteners
Motorcycle Consumer® News -  
Valkyrie Links Drill Sgt Joe's Maintenance Pages 
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