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Here are links I've found while surfing for info on my own Max.  I've put them in my favorites for one reason or another.  I've tried to organize them by bike section, but there is definitely overlap.

If you want/need a link removed, corrected email me. 

I do not own the sites linked to here.  Their content is under their respective owner's discretion!

Misc Stuff
Serious Law Enforcement I don't think they will just pull you over!
Arospeed Reclining Racing Seats - Checkout the Fun section
Aluminum Aluminum Tutorial
EazyRizer The World's Safest Motor Bike Lift
Privacy Software! - Panicware, Inc. Stop the annoying Pop-Ups
The Sportbike Network -  
Bikepics Fantastic gallary of bike movies/stunts/crashes
Motorcycle Consumer® News -  
Valkyrie Links Drill Sgt Joe's Maintenance Pages 
Welcome to Streetfighters Magazine

Dated Materials  
Motorcycle Online 2001 Power Cruisers Dyno Chart


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