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Here are links I've found while surfing for info on my own Max.  I've put them in my favorites for one reason or another.  I've tried to organize them by bike section, but there is definitely overlap.

If you want/need a link removed, corrected email me. 

I do not own the sites linked to here.  Their content is under their respective owner's discretion!

Battery Specialist Inc. If it's a battery, they sell it!
Shift Light Harlan Custom Components
Electrosport Fault finding chart for motorcycle charging systems
Radiantz Custom LED Lighting Assemblies
Welcome to ETG Online!  Your one stop shop for LED technology
White LED Light Bulbs fit standard PR Flashlights, Mag-lights, Petzl headlamps and lanterns.
Lambert Enterprises LED Taillights  
Weldon Inc Lighting Accessories
12 V LED Replacements  
TBoost Mod to change boost from 6K to 3K rpm
SPA Technique Tachometers
Motorcycle digital speedometer, odometer conversion  from kmh kph to mph, mileage calibration, Honda, Yamaha, Kawasaki, Suzuki,
Auto Meter Products - Pro-Cycle  
KC HiLiTES, Inc. Wiring Diagram with Relay
H4-H1-Fog headlight relay wiring diagram  
AutoStock,Inc. Auto accessories at distributor-direct prices
Dyna Performance Electronics Dyna 3000 Ignitions
MPS LED Shift Light Conversion Kit  
Translogic Systems Ezeshift technology for motorcycles.
NGK VX Platinum Spark Plugs From NGK
H&R Enterprises Universal Hyper-Lite Kits




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