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1997 Canadian Vmax JYA2LTN

These pictures were taken to help me re-assemble.  Some part names had to be invented.
Bob Walsh VMOA 2469


carbsup2.jpg (94704 bytes) Carbsup2 - right side up, #1 & #2 on left, overhead view.
carbsup3.jpg (79242 bytes) Carbsup3 - right side up, #1 & #2 on right, front view.
coasting1.jpg (43773 bytes) Coasting1 - coasting enrichment parts and orientation. Coasting enrichment diaphragms - these may be stuck to the carb.  Lightly grab the metal cup in the center with needle nose pliers and gently move in small circles, clockwise (and/or counter-), paying attention to where it is gradually becoming unstuck.  Gently!  Don't pull on the diaphragm, let it's natural tension do the actual work.
coasting2.jpg (29747 bytes) Coasting2 - coasting enrichment cover, spring & diaphragm.
float1.jpg (53745 bytes) Float1 - Float chamber assembled.
float2.jpg (54059 bytes) Float2 - Float chamber disassembled, parts oriented.  The horizontal brass tube between the carb and the jet block is the needle jet from the jet block.  This receives the piston valve needle.
float3.jpg (70164 bytes) Float3 - (top - down, left - right) float chamber cover; float; needle jet + washer + screw & main jet; jet block; jet block gasket; carburetor; float needle valve; nickel (sizing only); pilot jet & rubber plug; main bleed pipe & rubber plug.
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